In the last decade, crypto has become the largest market in the world. The market is projected to reach over $5 trillion by 2027. Unlike most tokens that are not backed by real-world assets, Utopos will be backed by an ecosystem where each UTOP token can be converted into real real-life assets for payments, exchanges, real estate, etc.

Utopos was founded on a set of fundamental ideas and beliefs that emphasize the importance of a collective group of like-minded people, who when aligned can create something stronger than the sum of its parts. This is why our company was created — to bring together like-minded individuals who share a common goal — to build the world’s best technologies.

The UTOP pre-sale is a token sale being offered by Utopos, which will use the Polygon Network (MATIC) to run its smart contract-based applications.

The UTOP tokens are worth $0.35 on launch/listing day each and are sold at discounts in this pre-sale at 60%. The UTOP token has a deflationary economy in the cryptocurrency industry, offering greater rewards to early adopters through airdrops and more.

Our vision is to be considered one of the leading crypto ecosystems in the world. We look forward to growing continuously and being seen as an organization that adheres to ethics, social responsibility, and commitments even as it expands its global reach.

§ UtoSwap

After months of hard work and testing, Utopos swap is ready to launch its beta. The exchange will allow investors to trade their coins for other cryptocurrencies, join staking pools and earn UTOP tokens for their efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved with the future of blockchain and crypto!

§ Utopos wallet

Utopos is a multi-chain wallet where you can store various blockchain assets. Store, send, and receive your tokens with ease. With our web app and mobile apps, you can trade them with the best crypto exchanges. Utopos is the safest place to keep your money.

§ NFT Exchange

Utopos offers an NFTs marketplace for buying and selling of realestate. Producers and Purchasers can also mint and sell digital art, music, films, and much more. Investors may purchase and sell digital assets on the platform.

Ticker: UTOP
Type: Utility Token
Token standard: Polygon Network
Token presale price in USD: 1 UTOP = 0.010 USD
Token distribution:

UTOP Use cases

  • Purchase NFTs using UTOP
  • Swap other tokens with UTOP
  • People can use Staking pools to get back rewards in other coins into UTOP
  • Social platform activity reward program
  • Participate in IDO launchpad to invest in other tokens

Presale link:






With upcoming planned collaborations and marketing efforts on the way, the project will reach new heights by the 3rd Quarter of 2023. Stay tuned for more information about our development and future plans.



Utopos Blockchain City is the first true democracy in a long time being created in the Utoposverse & beyond.

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Utopos Blockchain

Utopos Blockchain City is the first true democracy in a long time being created in the Utoposverse & beyond.