Utopos is the first network state- smart city powered by the blockchain. Our vision is to create a smart and sustainable future through the next generation of decentralized financial technology, contributing to human well-being by building a balanced and sharing community.


Utopos is a decentralized smart city with its foundational building layers operated with blockchain and IoT technology. Putting humans first with an evenly displaced urban experience for everyone and a wealth-driven community. Utopos will be the first in a series of global cities that are connected through the blockchain. It will bring together the best minds in technology, finance, medicine, aerospace, architecture design, and culture to create a city within a state where innovations in sustainability meet cutting-edge technology.

Utopos is a new type of way, of thinking about urban cities. Instead of simply existing in a metaverse. Utopos Blockchain City is planned to be the most innovative city in the world. The best new technologies and practices are being incorporated into physical elements of the infrastructure. Buildings and other construction are being designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape and to help keep residents and visitors connected with the local environment.


In addition, Utopos plans to build a metaverse for gamers, creators, businesses, residents of Utopos city, artists, decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace. Moreover, we plan to provide various DAPPS. We intend to improve our products based on feedback from members within our ecosystem. UTOP will work as the utility token of the Utopos ecosystem to serve as the primary means of transactions within our global communities. The Utopos token will be beneficial to token holders as it will help with multiple use cases. Similarly, holders of UTOP will get guaranteed access to the platform’s IDOs and every business opportunity across the Utopos ecosystem not limited to the infrastructure, technologies, logistics, and economy of the Utopos project.


Type: Utility Token

Token standard: Polygon Network

Token price in USD: 1 UTOP = 0.35 USD


Become aware of the new technologies that are changing our near future. Be ready to profit from that knowledge.

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Utopos Blockchain City is the first true democracy in a long time being created in the Utoposverse & beyond.

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Utopos Blockchain

Utopos Blockchain City is the first true democracy in a long time being created in the Utoposverse & beyond.